More than one would expect!

BC 1500 Elegance - Center Sleeper

Lengte over all: 16.70 m (*Length hull: 14.99 m with exemption for Dutch boating licence & Rhine Patent!)
Beam: ca. 4.75 m
Draft: ca. 1.20 m
Creep height: ca. 3.48 m
Engine: from 1 x 180 HP
CE-classifictation: A (ocean)
Top speed: ca. 10 kn
Cruising speed: ca. 7 kn

To get an impression of the different lay-outs and styling of the Boarncruiser please watch the pictures of the delivered yachts: Delivered boats / under construction.


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Standard Salondeck Layout:

Standard Lowerdeck Layout:

Option Lowerdeck Layout:
Boarncruiser 1500 Elegance - Lowerdeck