About Us

Fuelled by our passion for building yachts, our family business has expanded exponentially since its incorporation in 1964, delivering more than 1100 ships to gratified customers. Our aim is for you to enjoy as much of your spare time out on the water as possible. More than anyone else, we understand how owning a boat adds value and enjoyment to your life. Here at Boarnstream, we know that nothing can replace the sense of freedom that comes with spending quality time on a motor yacht.

Our dedicated team of experts truly values customer satisfaction. Decades of expert yacht-building have yielded numerous happy yacht owners from all walks of life. The way in which we combine knowledge and experience is reflected in each and every yacht we build. Our company pursues continual development, and our capacity to plan ahead and help you make the right choices in this amazing, highly specialised discipline is second to none. Working with us means partnering with a dedicated, highly versatile yacht building company that speaks every possible (technical)language, from design to completion and delivery.

I am both proud and honoured to be charged with managing this company, not only because I was raised in a shipyard, but especially because water sports runs deep through my veins.

On behalf of the entire Boarnstream crew, I wholeheartedly invite you for an introductory meeting here in Jirnsum. It will be our pleasure to listen to your wishes and to help you realize the dream of a lifetime.


Wies Hokwerda
CEO De Boarnstream



The Boarnstream International Marine Group consists of three companies: The Boarnstream International Motoryachts / EMCI  certified Yachtbroker, Jachtwerf  The Boarnstream and Jachthaven The Boarnstream. Since 1964 the family-owned company The Boarnstream in the Frisian village Jirnsum has grown to become one of the largest Dutch water sport companies. Attention to quality and beauty has led to various awards and a loyal, international clientele. De Boarnsrteam delivers motoryachts in lengths from 10 to 30 m and is importer of Marex (Norwegian fibreglass boats from 6-12m), yacht broker, delivers total yacht service, operator of a marina, carrier of the blue flag as well as the green pennant, and above all supplier of water sport fun!  


the team

The team of the Boarnstream is a small tight group of enthusiastic women and men. Some of them have been working for the Boarnstream for many years, resulting in a strong team which works closely together and which has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise which has been built throughout the years. The men who take care of the boats are all professionals and are all dedicated to water sports. During their free time you will find them on the water; surfing, sailing, waterskiing and of course ‘motoring’. Characteristic of the whole crew is that everyone feels responsible for their tasks, which means that you can be confident that all agreed tasks and agreements will be fulfilled to your satisfaction. 








corporate movie

In order to bring and maintain a high level of quality and to be flexible, we have been building yachts as a producer and contractor since the 1980s. This means that we buy the hull, the paintwork and part of the carpentry. At all times we do the technique ourselves. We have all facets of the yacht built in the Netherlands.  As a result, we are still at the forefront of innovation and technology today. In the meantime, this concept has been copied by a large part of the shipyards in the Netherlands, a way of building of which we are proud!