Beautiful Party – 50th anniversary of De Boarnstream: health and hospitality on the water.

On Saturday the 24th of May 2014 De Boarnstream has celebrated her 50th anniversary in a superb way!

During the party De Boarnstream has opened a new pier with a waste water emptying system. About 350 national and international guests watched Deputy Jannewietske de Vries taking the YOSS-system officially into use. As one of the first private marinas in Fryslân De Boarnstream offers her guests the new YOSS-system, which gives optimum convenience when emptying the waste water tank at his own berth.  For the construction of this system the marina made use of the provincial subsidy for cleaner swimming water. 

Hereafter Erik van Dijk, director Stichting Keurmerk Milieu, Veiligheid en Kwaliteit (KMVK) (foundation quality label environment, safety and quality) presented the Blue Flag 2014 to the harbour master of Jachthaven De Boarnstream. KMVK is in The Netherlands trustee of the international eco-quality label the Blue Flag, the international quality label for good beaches and marinas. Already since 2005 the Blue Flag is awarded to De Boarnstream, as one of the few marinas in Fryslân.

Mayor Ferd J.M. Crone has opened the evening program of the jubilee celebration of De Boarnstream International Marine Group: ‘Since its founding in 1964 and fed by a love for boat building, the family business has grown enormously and during this time there were 1000 boats delivered. A beautiful company we are proud of in Fryslân.’ Crone presents an airial photograph of the marina complex in the sixties and a special pennant of the Leeuwarden Township.


An impression of the party you will find in the photo album (link).