The Historie

Timeline since 1964


Somewhere half way the twentieth century. During the dark cold winter evenings, besides ice skating there is little else to do at the farm of father Hokwerda then hobbying with some boats together with his brother. Henk Hokwerda rows to school daily and soon decides to attach a provisional sail to his rowing boat by using a piece of wood and a cow blanket. Not much later, the brothers rescue an old Seagull-engine from the scrap yard, repair it and attach it to the boat. Their love for boats would finally result in to the start of their professional yard activities in 1964. Initially they merely focus on wood construction based on existing drawings of a 16m2 among others. When thereafter a satisfied owner holding pictures in his hand of a then popular steel cruiser asks if they could also build something like that, the answer is a resounding yes. Fifty years later, The Boarnstream is enjoying international recognition, with four successful ranges, a well-equipped marina, a 100-tonne boat transport lift and an EMCI certified yacht brokerage. The various disciplines are grouped together under the significant name Boarnstream International Marine Group.

This family-owned company, established on the outskirt of the picturesque village named Jirnsum and situated on the banks of the Boarn with the Princess Margriet Canal in the immediate vicinity, has developed into a modern and versatile watersports company of international appeal. With an excellent Boarncruiser range and full of exciting ideas for the future, encouraged by founder and Ambassador Henk Hokwerda.

The moment we speak to Henk Hokwerda, he just returned with his wife Houkje from a four-day cruise on the Wadden Sea under sometimes tough conditions. "From time to time there was a tough six Bft wind. Our boat was the only one in the wide area. But no worries, this yacht can handle everything", according to the Boarnstream-praesus, who since his retirement spends his summers on board and the cold winter months in Spain. The daily management of the company is in the hands of the second generation.

"Regularly my daughter is asked the question if her father can let go of the yard. If you have been working since your 14th, it is obviously quite a challenge to stop all together. But this counts for everyone I guess who stops working. Completely letting go of the yard, will mentally never fully succeed. Therefore, since my retirement I have just carried on with my hobby; designing boats, only now at a pensioner's pace! Only my wife knew I was developing a new range: the "Boarncruiser Elegance”. The drawings have travelled three times to Spain and back and to various marinas before I handed them over to my successors to further develop this range. Because the current generation knows exactly what the latest technical possibilities are and what the market currently demands in terms of marketing and finishing, as I do not deal with this any more. "

With much pleasure, Hokwerda looks back on the early days of the Boarnstream. "In the seventies of the previous century we could count the number of constructors on one hand. I remember that we once sold 25 boats during the Recreana, the precursor of Boat Holland. With all ‘hands on deck’ we worked almost 24 hours a day to get the job done. "During the years, various Boarncruiser models followed each other. Besides that also other disciplines were successfully introduced, including charter activities with trade ships and the import of Scandinavian quality brands like Saga, Risør Fjord, Scand, Skagerrak and Marex.

An important milestone in the rich Boarnstream history, is the introduction in 1986 of the New Line range, recognizable by the characteristic negative stern. This highly successful range was accompanied by the Classic Line in 2003 and followed by the very popular Retro Line range in 2007. Hokwerda comments: "With the introduction of the Classic Line, a new and at the same time rightly critical target group was reached which for us was the moment to bring our high quality standards to an even higher level. But not only that. It is not very difficult to present an optically beautiful yacht. But how does she behave under critical conditions after a sudden change in the weather? Then it really becomes serious. Our yachts are extremely solid and have proven their sailing performance. This carefully constructed image is the basis of the sales success," Hokwerda says, who with his own Boarncruiser 50 Retro Line - Aft Cabin is a sailing ambassador for the Jirnsum brand. But at the same time, it also creates obligations: "When people spot me in a harbour, they look at me suspiciously, especially when I am mooring my boat with great ease whilst withstanding a stiff breeze on the side," says the winner of the 2010 HISWA Excellence Award.



Historical years

Year Item
1963 The two brothers skated the famous eleven city tour after which they laid the foundation of the Boarnstream future.
1964 BM 16² sailing / touring boats Italia
1965 BM 16² sailing / touring boats Italia - Refitwork -- ship yard
1966 First steel boats were built: "Noorderwind" - Boornkruiser 900 (wooden superstructure), "Cassiopeia" Boornkruiser 1050 (wooden super structure), Boornkruiser 840 en Boornkruiser 760
1966 first stand at a boat show; de Recreana in Leeuwarden
1967 Start building the Boornkruiser range de Luxe , model: Boornkruiser de Luxe 920 AK Boornkruiser de Luxe 920 HT Boornkruiser de Luxe 920 Cabrio Boornkruiser de Luxe 920 OK
1968 Boornkruiser 975 AK Boornkruiser 975 OK Boornkruiser 975 Salon
1968 Start Super Boornkruiser range, model: Super Boornkruiser 1250
1970 Bouw Super Boornkruiser 1100
1971 Bouw Super Boornkruiser Royal 1100
1971 First stand at the Hanseboot show in Hamburg
1971 Construction of Super Boornkruiser model: Super Boornkruiser 1050 AK Super Boornkruiser 1050 HT Super Boornkruiser 1050 Cabrio Super Boornkruiser 1050 Salon
1972 Further development of the Super Boorncruiser with newly designed bow, with single as well as twin engine. Models: Super Boornkruiser 1100 HT Super Boornkruiser 1100 AK Super Boornkruiser 1100 Salon
1972 Start finishing of fibreglass hulls from England.
1973 Start boat rental business using trade in boats like: Neptunes 107 Boornkruisers
1974 The new marina at ’t String was built.
1975 New model Boornkruiser; type: Boornkruiser 960 de Luxe
1976 Construction of new rental boats: Boornkruiser "Nana" Boornkruiser "Mirna" Boornkruiser "Myrella" Boornkruiser "Manuela"
1976 Constructing the Super Boornkruiser 1250
1977 Start importing Norwegean boats like Risor Scand
1977 Constuction of DD Yachts 1100
1978 Expand importation of Norwegean yachts: Fjord Skagerak
1978 Bouw Gofferbank 1100
1979 Start Boarnstream “Vlet”
1979 Finishin the Marex 32
1980 Construction of DD Yachts = Boornkruiser
1980 18/12/1980 Purchase Saga stock
1981 Finish construction of Risor 27
1982 Finish construction of Sirocco 28
1983 Start importin several Norwegean brands like Risor, Scand, Fjord, Skagerak
1986 Introduced the Boorncruiser New Line range, type: Boorncruiser 32 New Line, Boorncruiser 35 New Line, Boorncruiser 38 New Line
1989 Importing Taiwanese "President" boats.
1990 The two Hokwerda brothers split up and the shipyard and marina was devided.
1991 The Boorncruiser New Line range was introduced, model: Boorncruiser 1000
1992 The Boorncruiser New Line range was iontroduced, model: Boorncruiser 365 New Line
1992 The Boorncruiser 40 was addes to the New Line range – semi planing hull
1994 Introducing the Boorncruiser 44 New Line – semi planing hull
1995 Introducing the New Line model: Boorncruiser 1000s
1996 Introducing the Boorncruiser 44 New Line - Fly
1997 Introducing the Boorncruiser Classic Line (fist boat with steel hull and fibreglass superstructure), model: Boorncruiser 35 Classic Line AK, Boorncruiser 43 Classic Line AK
1999 The Boorncruiser Classic Line, model: Boorncruiser 40 Classic Line OK en AK, Boorncruiser 43 Classic Line AK was added
2000 Opening of our “waterhal” (under cover moorings) by minister Annemarie Jorritsma
2001 35th jubilee of Jachtwerf de Boarnstream BV
2001 The Boorncruiser 46 Classic Line AK was added to the Classic range
2001 Purchase of Marina Broesder
2002 The Boorncruiser 50 Classic Line AK added to the Classic range
2002 Renovation of Jachthaven Broesder
2002 Appointed as the sole importers of Marex in the benelux.
2003 The Boorncruiser name was changed into The Boarncruiser
2003 The Boarncruiser 35 Classic OK was launched
2003 The Boarncruiser 38 Classic Line AK was added
2004 The Boarncruiser 35 Classic Line OK was awarded Hiswa boat of the year.
2004 Purchase Roukema location
2004 Purchase v/d Werff en Visser location
2005 The Boarncruiser 43 Classic Line OK was introduced.
2006  5 th anniversary of Jachthaven de Boarnstream
2006  The 55 Classic Line AK was built
2007  Construction of “Skipshus / Brave Hendrik” 80 tonnes travel lift
2007  Introduction of the Boarncruiser 60 Retro Line - Deck Saloon
2008  The Boarncruiser 50 Retro Line - Aft Cabin was added to the range
2009  The Boarncruiser 46 Retro Line - Deck Saloon was introduced
2010  Henk Hokwerda Wins the prestegeous HISWA Excellence Award
2011  The Boarncruiser 46 Retro Line – Cabrio was aded to the range
2012  Introduction of the Boarncruiser 42 Retro Line - Aft Cabin
2013: The introduction of the Boarncruiser 42 Retro Line – OK HT
2013: Introduction of the Boarncruiser Elegance Line
2014: 50 th anniversary of De Boarnstream
2015: 1st Frisian Marina with the Green Pennant
2015   Nominated for Motorboot of the year 2016
2016   European Motorboat of the year 2016 Award Boarncruiser 1200 Elegance
2017   Ontwikkeling innovatieve CanopEasy systeem
2018   Start Boarncruiser 1280 Elegance
2019   Wereldprimeur Boarncruiser 1440 Elegance - CS, de grootste Center Sleeper onder de 15m
2020   Wereldprimeur.......