A Mediterranean beauty with a refined mix of colours and materials

About Elegance and more...


• Developed and built for people who expect more than the market offers right now
• Built with uncompromising in attitude and action
• The length-width proportion 1:3 has been chosen optimally and gives the yacht her beautiful lining
• 360° panorama view
• Optimal navigation capacities because of the extra long water line
• An up to date, modern look
• We build to meet your wishes and desires
• We don’t make promises but we make Boarncruisers, the very best pleasure yachts in the World


Green energy with solor roof

Boarncruiser Elegance - Green energyThe Boarncruiser Elegance can be delivered with solar panels. Also the version with electric sliding roof can be delivered with solar panels. Please contact our sales department for more information (Tel +31 566 600828 or info@boarnstream.com)


CENTER SLEEPER – The New Dimension of Comfort
Center Sleeper - the new dimension of comfort

The Elegance 1440, 1670 and 1800 are developed as Center Sleeper. This means that the Master room is in the deepest and most comfortable place on board situated. The comfort in this room is enormous (!), the total width of the yacht is available for the Master room.


Hull colours:

Boarncruiser EleganceThe casco of the Boarncruiser Elegance is separately sand blasted and the interior as well as the exterior is treated with a two-component epoxy primer. Next the hull and superstructure of the Boarncruiser Elegance are being sprayed with a two-component epoxy coating of the Alexseal system.






Boarncruiser Elegance


Boarncruiser Elegance - Swiss Edition

Ø The measurements of the Elegance are destined for the Swiss berths
Ø The engine meets the requirements for the Bodensee
Ø Separate black water and grey water tanks
Ø All the wastewater discharges are connected to the wastewater tank with exhaust on deck (no board lead-through)
Ø Oil collector bin foreclosed under engine
Ø Sockets according the CH-standards
Ø Toilet to be flushed with sea water