Built by

What does the concept ‘built by De Boarnstream’ mean?

De Boarnstream also provides the complete building process on behalf of other companies and private yacht owners. This offers a good opportunity for architects and customers who want to make use of the high quality skills and manufacturing capabilities of De Boarnstream, but still using their own design. The customer provides De Boarnstream with the chosen hull and we will take care of the fitting out process. De Boarnstream will manage the complete finishing of the yacht, which means the yacht will meet the high quality standards of De Boarnstream.

Project ‘Proficiat 12.50, due to certain  circumstances the owner decided to commission De Boarnstream to finish his yacht, which was only 20% completed.

Project: Fitting of electric engines in a Van der Heijden 13.50 yacht. The owner came to De Boarnstream for providing all the technical installation services.

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