Health on the water

Since January 2009 already, it is forbidden for recreational boating to pump wast water overboard.  Since the 1st of January 2012, on the discharge of waste water, this is also illegal for passenger- and tourist motor boats with over 50 persons. Especially in the vulnerable areas, in North and South Holland, Utrecht, Overijssel and Friesland, it is very important to keep the water clean, in order to sail and swim without increasing danger for the human health, and also contribute to good drinking water. The YOSS waste water system makes this easy. Jachthaven De Boarnstream is one of the first possessors of this system in Friesland.

Discharging waste water, still clean hands

Besides the central pump system for waste water, our marina (partly) offers you the use of the YOSS-system which gives you optimum convenience when emptying your waste water tank. You can grab a connector with a hose from behind the YOSS-hatch from the jetty close to your ship. By pushing the suction nozzle into the deck fitting and opening the tap, it will create a vacuum and this will empty the tank. After use, hose and suction nozzle will easily disappear into the hatch in the jetty again.

YOSS concept

The YOSS concept is a product of Seijsener Rekreatietechniek (with operations in Zaandam, Koudum and Heinkenszand) and is a name that resounds throughout the Netherlands and Europe in the context of technical facilities and pump-out systems for marinas. Our highly trained and experienced experts design, manufacture and install high quality marina facilities. Whether it comes to electricity connections, water supplies,  internet,  access control or payment systems.

The Yoss pump-out system is a good example of Seijsener’s aim to offer you a maximum comfort level during your stay at the Boarnstream Marina, while respecting a healthy environment for people, plants and animals.