New range: Boarncruiser Elegance, Innovation at his best!

Published on: Tuesday 27 August 2013 on 12:16 hour

De Boarnstream has extended her range of models with the Boarncruiser “Elegance”, deliverable in Sedan & Flying-bridge version (1300/1500/1700). The “Elegance” is emitting strength and beauty.

Why is this model innovative?

  • An unrivalled living comfort at one level, still with a very attractive lining. 
  • Because of the steep bow the "Elegance" has an extra large waterline which results in more volume, better navigation capacities and a maximum of performance. 
  • For the owner and his guests the saloon deck view is exquisite, mostly because of the large windows almost a 360 degree turn. At living level considerably over the CWL. 
  • The semi-planing version (cruising speed ca. 15 kn with a maximum of ca. 22 kn) is also deliverable in a steel version. With the steep bow and deep V this hull was especially designed for the use of the revolutionary IPS-systems made by Volvo Penta.
  • Also the fast version has quite a range (ca 500 - 600 NM) and is very suitable for the more longer trips. 
With this new model range De Boarnstream surpasses himself, once again.
A very large space inside, all at saloon level, was the absolute condition at designing this range together with the impressive styling and attractive lining. Adding the sensational performance we realize that this means an enormous leap forward in the (steel) yacht builder world. A mediterranean beauty with a refined mix of colours and materials combined with the functional, down-to-earth character of the Northener. 
Each cm = the flair of Elegance.

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