Start dealership De Boarnstream and Bootswerft Rolf Müller AG in

Published on: Monday 17 March 2014 on 15:56 hour

From the 1st of March 2014 on the cooperation between De Boarnstream and Bootswerft Rolf Müller AG in Switzerland – Lengwil has started.

Jirnsum – At the same time the Boarncruiser Elegance ‘Swiss Edition’ was introduced the cooperation with Bootswerft Rolf Müller AG has started. Rolf Müller is highly reputated in Switzerland, since 1970 already the yard is situated at the Bodensee. From 1972 on Rolf Müller is dealer for the Hallberg-Rassy sailing yachts and with the support and selling of the Hallberg-Rassy in Switzerland, Southern German and Austria very successful. Rolf Müller and his skilled employees are also frequently involved with the delivery and maintenance of  Hallberg Rassy sailing yachts from 9.40-19.00 m in the Mediterranean.

De Boarnstream was looking for a partner in Switzerland understanding the craftsmanship of boatbuilding just like De Boarnstream itself. Together with quality, flexibility, service and thoroughness Rolf Müller has a lot of experience with the maintenance of boats. His yard has a complete workshop and a huge winter storage. Thereby a comprehensive service at the highest level is insured.

Wies Hokwerda says: “Rolf Müller has the same philosophy as De Boarnstream, the perfect ingredient for a productive cooperation. I am glad about the kick off at the 1st of March.

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