Elegance 2x nominated for boat of the year 2016!

Published on: Tuesday 15 September 2015 on 15:19 hour

The Boarncruiser 1200 Elegance Sedan nominated for two awards!

We can proudly announce that the Boarncruiser 1200 Elegance received nominations for both Dutch and European motor boat of the year 2016.
The criteria for the nomination include the fact that the Elegance is a completely new experience on the water for steel yachts. “The layout, the subtle lines and the level of attention to detail is of exceptional quality, and is a giant leap forward in the world of steel yacht construction”, the judges state, “everything is just right”.

Phrases from the press so far include “innovative over 50-er”, “bulls-eye”, “also excellent as half-glider”

The origin of the Elegance range .

In 2012, Henk Hokwerda handed over the daily management of Boarnstream International Marine Group to his daughter Wies. After almost 50 years of continuous labour, it was time for other activities, such as well deserved relaxation under the Spanish sun, and sailing his own boat. But it’s not that easy for a brain that had a life long focus on boats to unwind. Hokwerda used to always draw boats and make sketches, and he continued doing so. In fact, he was quietly working on a completely new line. Apart from his wife Houkje, nobody knew about this.

Wies Hokwerda: “A year later he stepped into my office and said ‘I have to show you something’ and laid the detailed drawings and renderings of the Boarncruiser Elegance range on the table, from the 1100 to the 1700. Both with and without flybridge.”

The new Elegance distinguishes itself from its predecessors with a free straight bow, a courageous build with lots of glass and a double curved roof line. The hull windows guarantee a lot of light and air in the sleeping quarters. A modern design, yet equipped with the Boarnstream DNA: built with steel, solid and of a very high quality. Frisian solidity with a hint of Italian style.

“The pond we’re all fishing is, is slowly emptying up”, Hokwerda explains. “So we have to appeal to new target groups. The past years, I’ve sailed more than before, and you get to see what people do with their boats. For instance in traditional designs, they have to deal with a lot of height differences; up the stairs, down the stairs, especially when the kitchen is downstairs.
You’re quite low in the open cockpit, causing you to look at the dikes and the reeds. I naturally also listened to costumers and harbour masters a lot, resulting in a list of criteria for a new design. Having one level was an important criteria: 70 percent of the boat is on the same level.

Why steel?
Steel as a building material was more or less self-evident. “Steel provides volume, weight, strength and a quiet boat”, Hokwerda explains, “it is cheaper than aluminium and can be fixed anywhere. And with bulkheads and 8mm frames, the hulls are as stiff as can be.”
It was clear to Hokwerda that a new line had to be designed. “You could try to restyle an existing range, but in the end you’re better off with a new design, because you’re able to completely renew it.” Wies adds: “And with this new line, we can tap into new target groups, a younger crowd that didn’t necessarily grow up with water sports and that experiences water sports in a different way than the current generation. I am furthermore convinced that that new target group will fully grow into the water sports once they get acquainted with it.”

Life work
In 2014, five ships were ordered from drawing within a short period of time, giving the Elegance line a flying start. If Henk Hokwerda’s life work was already finished, it’s now even more complete. Taking some distance after 50 years will now be a bit easier, but letting go completely is an entirely different story. As he pensively stares into the distance, he says: “I’m giving the people something they can enjoy for a long time.” He concludes, with a satisfied smile: “It’ll be alright!”

Curious about the whole story? Click here or on the picture below to read the whole interview, written by Laurens van Zijp from the magazine Jachtbouw Nederland.


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