Two stabilizer systems MagnusMaster installed on a Smelne 14.00 m yacht

Published on: Monday 24 December 2018 on 7:29 hour

Last month we built two MagnusMaster on a 14 m Smelne yacht from 2010. 
Inbouw Magnes Master in SmelneThe owner of this boat sails all year round, summer and winter, to areas like Great Britain and Scandinavia. This was exactly the reason for him to have stabilizers installed afterwards. We see a considerable increase in the requests for comfort products on board in which stabilizers currently seem to be a hot item. Because of the very fine and intensive cooperation with DMS, the supplier of MagnusMaster, which we already had from the new building, the choice for us as a shipyard was made very quickly. The system could be installed within two weeks.


The electric rotors are normally powered by the yacht’s electrical system and a Victron combi 3000watt charger/inverter. In very heavy weather, when more power is required, the generator will automatically start supplying. The installation is designed so that it is easy for the owner to operate. We were the first to install the MagnusMaster system in such a way that the two rotors can be used separately by simply selecting the port or starboard side on the panel. One of the advantages of this is that the entire system and the associated power consumption do not have to be used in the event of a slight swell.

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Bertus van der Lende
Jachtwerf De Boarnstream
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