Dear Mrs Hokwerda,
Last week we picked up our new Boarncruiser 1200 Elegance and sailed it to Bruinisse. The weather was good and with this beautiful yacht it was a very pleasant trip. I hereby wish to express my sincere gratitude for the fine work and the correct cooperation with you and your employees.

With best regards,
Frieda & Theo Van Avondt


A Boarncruiser Classic Line owner’s experience

“After arrival it is as if you’re a family member, you buy more than just a boat”

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A customer’s experience of a new built Boarncruiser

"especially the finishing is extremely good"

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What are our customers saying

Message on a bank statement of Mr W. Hanzen, Owner of the Marex 280 ‘Plons’:

"Thanks a lot for the quick and good service. We are very happy with the repair work. Best regards, Wouter Hanzen."



"After a traditional launch in June 2011 our new Boarncruiser 43 Classic Line ‘Zwin Lady’ was delivered by De Boarnstream shipyard. (We used to have a Boarncruiser 40 Classic Line).

Since then we made several trips, 8 to10 weeks non stop through Europe, f.i. France (Maas/Saar/Moesel/Rhine), Berlin, (Müritz and the MeckPo waters), Friesland and Overijssel. A total of 750 engine hours and no troubles at all!

I experienced a lot of (sea)miles and know where I’m talking about when I say that it’s quite unique to have a new boat with a lot of engineering built in, is delivered in such a perfect quality. We are very happy with De Boarnstream and their motivated workers.

Might you be interested in receiving any objective information from a client please contact me (also in Dutch, German or French). My contact information can be obtained through the shipyard (ask for Wies Hokwerda or Aldo van der Linden)".

Wim Meesen 
Owner of the Boarncruiser 43 Classic Line ‘Zwin Lady’



Dear Boarnstream-Crew,

After our ‘Ri-Jan’  was delivered early this year we were not at all satisfied with the course of affairs. Now we are half way the season I like to let you know that we became very happy with our boat and your professional way of solving the problems. Mistakes are a part of being human! We now feel at home at De Boarnstream and are looking forward to seeing each other again in September.

Best regards from Arnhem,

Ria and Jan



"I have always been involved with boats and ships. Our family owned and operated a yacht marina and a shipping company. Having owned boats in Australia as well, I was always keen to own a real solid Dutch steel boat again, built and finished as only the Dutch can. Last year, after hiring a boat in Holland for 3 weeks, we decided to go ahead with this plan, partly because the exchange rate of the Australian dollar against the Euro is most favourable for us at the moment. Australia is blessed by not having had to experience an economic crisis yet.

We looked around extensively and compared many ship yards and boats new and second hand. When last year I contacted Boanstream in Jirnsum, it clicked immediately, quick and correct responses to e-mails and they were very flexible with our wishes and demands. We liked the Boarnstream classic 50. She will be unique in Australia and will be in a class of its own. When we visited Holland in January to inspect and compare the quality of the Boarnstream with others, we were sold and decided to conclude a deal with Wies Hokwerda, the Managing Director of Boarnstream, which was also a pleasant experience.  The overall finishes, good eye for detail, double glazing, excellent insulation and well laid out engine room helped us in deciding. We are looking forward to take delivery of the Boarnstream Classic 50 in August of this year and are planning to keep the boat in Europe for a year and discover the beautiful European waterways. After that she will be shipped to Australia, where we will be cruising the rivers Hawkesbury near Sydney and the Murray river near Adelaide where we live. We like the fact that she has a CE A rating and is suitable for trips to the famous Great Barrier Reef with its beautiful islands also."

Peter Zwaans Beaumont South Australia





"The Boarnstream is to-the-point and they know what they are doing"

Mrs Rotery


Lieber Boarnstream crew,

Nachdem unser Boot mit BOLT gut in Frankreich angekommen ist haben wir eine 10-tägige Flussreise auf der "Saône" gemacht wo wir nochmals feststellen konnten dass alles perfekt funktioniert. An einem Abend hatte es ein sehr starkes Gewitter mit Platzregen und extremen Wind, das Verdeck hat sich bewährt und hat das gut überstanden. Sonst hatten wir meistens gutes Wetter mit Temparaturen von 20 bis 25 Grad somit konnten wir meistens auf Achterdeck Frühstücken, Mittagessen und am Abend auch Fleisch auf dem Gasgrill braten. Das Wetter ist schon besser als in Holland aber der Aufenthalt in Friesland hat uns viel Spass gemacht. Die Zusammenarbeit mit Ihnen war äusserst angenehm und kompetent, wir danken Ihnen dafür nochmals recht herzlich.

Vorläufig sind wir Zuhause in der Schweiz, wir freuen uns aber bald wieder auf unserer weissen J'adore zu sein.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen
André und Priska Lauper



Hallo Boarnstream crew,   

We zijn gisteren teruggekomen van een mooie trip, via Harlingen,naar Terschelling, en weer retour naar Makkum,Stavoren,Enkhuizen,Monnickendam en uiteindelijk Weesp. De boot vaart erg goed en makkelijk ! Afgelopen maandag op het IJsselmeer zuidwestenwind schuin op de kop , met uitschieters naar windkracht 5 en mooie golven van 1,2 meter in de omgeving van Hoorn. Het ging allemaal super.    

Bedankt nogmaals voor de vriendelijke service tot in Frentsjer toe zelfs, ik zal jullie service aanbevelen bij potentiele bootjeskopers!   

Groeten en wie weet tot ziens. 


"Hierbij een reactie op het verblijf van ons bij de Jachthaven en de Jachtwerf De Boarntream.
Wij hebben in augustus 2001 een boot gekocht en bij jullie in de jachthaven (- 1 jaar) gelegen en het onderhoud aan de boot door de jachtwerf laten doen. Wij zij zeer tevreden geweest de afgelopen jaren, en hebben zowel de jachthaven als mede de jachtwerf zien uitbreiden. Vooral de jachthaven heeft ons altijd erg plezierig aangedaan, het toiletgebouw is uitstekend en ook rondom de steigers is het keurig verzorgd.

Het jaarlijkse onderhoud en de winterberging via de jachtwerf was in goede handen en hadden we geen omkijken aan. De verkoop van de Saga en de aankoop van de Nidelv via de jachthaven is ook goed verlopen en nu weer de verkoop van de Nidelv zijn wij tevreden over.

Daar wij nu andere dingen gaan doen is de boot overbodig, maar indien wij weer besluiten een boot te nemen zullen wij bij u het eerste aankloppen."

Marten en Trees Visser

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