Winter storage

"covered winter storage, open winter storage plus covered in-water storage"

Are you looking for perfect facilities to store your boat during the wintertime? We offer 3000m² covered winter storage plus approx 4000 m² open winter storage in our yard. When you choose to store with us, we can lift your boat out of the water with our travel lift. We will clean your yacht below the waterline with high pressure water and the hull will also be cleaned.

De Boarnstream uses solid support frames whereby the risk of unnecessary high pressure on the hull is avoided. For internal transport we have a choice of two hydraulic boot trailers (max 100 tonnes!). During the winter period your yacht is neatly covered with plastic.

Don't let an early winter with extreme conditions surprise you. Reserve a spot for winter storage for your yacht as soon as possible. We would be delighted to prepare your yacht for the winter season. Winter storage means more than just lifting the boat, store it ashore and place it back into the water at springtime. Our mechanics use a check-list which means your yacht is thoroughly checked before you commence a new journey. The date for ending and starting your boating season will be established in close consultation with our clients.

Under cover in-water storage

Besides the winter storage facilities we have  a covered in-water storage (Skipshûs) with 20 slots for boats up to 25 metre with its own power connection with Kwh-meter as well as sufficient water taps. You will be able to open the big entrance doors by remote control. The “Skipshus” is twice a year treated for spiders. Also you can use our ‘boulevard’ pier for loading and unloading. These under cover berths can be leased for a minimum of 1 year.

Do you have a situation in which you are not able to use your yacht for a period of time? You can leave your boat in our “waterhal”, our covered in-water storage for peace of mind. Boats up to 40 ft can be stored and protected against sun, rain and wind. Do you need to replace your cabrio? Your boat stays dry while still in the water. So as not to be constrained by the weather for small repairs, just reserve a spot in our “waterhal”!

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