E.M.C.I. registered yachtbroker

De Boarnstream International Motor yachts is an E.M.C.I. (European Maritime Certification Institute) registered company and also has engaged E.M.C.I. certified Yacht brokers. E.M.C.I. is exclusively focusing on the Maritime branch and at present on business, personal and product certifying.  E.M.C.I. draws its target to bind all Maritime professions, professionals and companies by means of custom measured certifying. E.M.C.I. is worldwide active as an Examination-, Certification- and Register Organization.

Since January 1, 2002, the Dutch government deregulated the industry, allowing individuals and non registered brokers to sell yachts. In response to this, a group of Yacht brokers have combined to form an association to maintain the quality and standard of yacht brokers. Known as EMCI this group provides the following: 

What does E.M.C.I. offer:

* professional education to obtain certification;
 * supporting the knowledge and skills during the certification on basis of the obliged permanent education;
 * approachable on basis of rules of conduct and the rights of complaint- & disciplinary rules;
 * active in the local, national and international market;
* part of a large international network of maritime professionals which stands for experience, quality, co-operation and continuity;
* optional access to the international Global Yacht & Shipbrokers Network with among other things a complete management quality directory and several collective customer service contracts such as professional liability insurance;
* EMCI is ISO 9001:2008 certified by Lloyds Register in Rotterdam (Netherlands). The corresponding registrations are registered at the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) in London (England) and Dutch Accreditation Council (RVA) in Utrecht (Netherlands).