NBMS member

The NBMS is the Association of sworn and EMCI certified ship brokers specialized in the buying and selling of Pleasure crafts, Prof. inland vessels, Sea-going vessels and Houseboats

The yacht brokers of the NBMS mediate in the process of buying and selling a wide variety of pleasure crafts. They are acting in a global market of super yachts and fast pleasure crafts as well as solid Dutch steel yachts, longboats, classical barges, speedboats, open sailing boats, cosy weekend cruisers and fully equipped yachts for long trips through Europe.

It doesn’t matter whether the yacht is built of polyester, steel, aluminium or wood, the specialized yacht broker is familiar with all the pro’s and con’s of the yacht. There is no better party to advice you about the best choice.

The association looks after the communal interests of their members and consists of ordinary members, exceptional members and contributors and has the task to maintain ship brokerage on a high professional level.