Boarnstream Yachting Days 2023

Boarnstream Yachting Days 2023

After an amazing first edition in 2022, we have decided to organize the Boarnstream Yachting Days again in 2023. The Boarnstream Yachting Days will take place on, 10, 11 and 12 March 2023.

During the show we have all Boarncruiser and Marex models available for showing. And even more special we have the premiere of 3 (!) new Boarncruiser models.


During the Boarnstream Yachting Days, we will show you 3 new models for the first time!

Boarncruiser 44 Elegance – AC

Boarncruiser 42 Lounge

Boarncruiser 38 Classic Line – OC


During the Boarnstream Yachting Days we offer you a peaceful time to discover our yachts at its full potential. We did arrange (free), drinks, lunch and Healthy snacks for you during your time at our shipyard, with lots of relaxing space in our heated lounge area!


All Boarncruiser models will be available for showing during the Boarnstream Yachting Days!

Boarncruiser 1200 – 1280 – 1360 – 1440 – 1670 Elegance – 44 Elegance AC

Boarncruiser 46 & 50 Traveller

Boarncruiser 37 & 42 Lounge

Boarncruiser 38 Classic Line OK


As a well-known Marex dealer for the Netherlands and Belgium, we have the complete range of models available for showing during the Boarnstream Yachting Days.

Marex 310 Sun Cruiser (3 models available for summer 2023)

Marex 330 Scandinavia (available end 2023)

Marex 360 Cabriolet Cruiser (delivery summer 2023)

Marex 375 (delivery summer 2023)

Plan your visit

The Boarnstream Yachting team happily invites you to visit the Boarnstream Yachting Days on 10, 11 and 12 March.

During the Boarnstream Yachting days you not only see new yachts, also brokerage boats are shown and you can see the production of our Boarncruiser Yachts.


Everybody is (free) welcome to visit the Boarnstream Yachting Days. Do you want a private tour around the shipyard? or do you want to have a river of a certain boat?

Please register your visit so we can schedule this for you!


If you need help finding a hotel? Please contact us!


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