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Occasion spotlight: Boarncruiser 42 New Line 'Saluda'

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Dubbele nominatie voor de Marex 310 Suncruiser

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Boarncruiser Elegance - Express "up to 22 knots"

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Yacht Service

Besides producing our own Boarncruiser brand the shipyard can also provide services for yachts up to 30 metres. We offer outstanding winter storage facilities. De Boarnstream is also able to provide the complete yacht construction services for other companies and private clients. Does your yacht need maintenance below the water line, like new anti-fouling or perhaps a complete repaint? Is your yacht in need of a full technical check-up, maybe a new generator or a holding tank? De Boarnstream is the perfect option for you. We also have the facilities to moor yachts up to 30m in under cover facilities. For dry un der cover storage we have a large modern building available. De Boarnstream offers Complete Yacht Services.

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Customer -and travel stories

What are our customers saying? Email from a family which bought a brokerage boat: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, It seems that you do not have a guestbook and therefore I would like to express my gratitude for the good co-operation with De Boarnstream. The purchase of our Boarncruiser has been succeeded smoothly. You were always very concerned and all the time very kind and friendly. In the future we again would like to buy at De Boarnstream, because of their competence and Know How. In the meantime we have examined our yacht thoroughly and are very impressed by the quality of the finishing  work by the ship yard. Best regards from Germany, Andrea and Siegfried Ahrens.

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9 reasons why

 "Your Yacht, your way"

  • 1 Your Yacht, your way!
  • 2 Full Service
  • 3 Cherish your property without worry
  • 4 Knowledge
  • 5 Safety first
  • 6 Unrivalled performance
  • 7 Lower running costs
  • 8 High value
  • 9 Heritage & commitment


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50 years of Dutch craftsmanship. Somewhere half way the twentieth century. During the dark cold winter evenings, besides ice skating there is little else to do at the farm of father Hokwerda then hobbying with some boats together with his brother. Henk Hokwerda rows to school daily and soon decides to attach a provisional sail to his rowing boat by using a piece of wood and a cow blanket. Not much later, the brothers rescue an old Seagull-engine from the scrap yard, repair it and attach it to the boat. Their love for boats would finally result in to the start of their professional yard activities in 1964. Initially they merely focus on wood construction based on existing drawings of a 16m2 among others. When thereafter a satisfied owner holding pictures in his hand of a then popular steel cruiser asks if they could also build something like that, the answer is a resounding yes. Fifty years later, The Boarnstream is enjoying international recognition, with four successful ranges, a well-equipped marina, a 100-tonne boat transport lift and an EMCI certified yacht brokerage. The various disciplines are grouped together under the significant name Boarnstream International Marine Group.

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