9 reasons why

Reason 1: Your yacht deserves customized advice. Your Yacht, your way.

The possession, purchase or sale of a yacht is a personal choice. It's a way of life and a valuable investment. To get the best out of your investment, it is important to work together with those who understand your way of sailing and who can translate this into customized advice. For example, for a new yacht the correct layout and equipment, for a used yacht appropriate guidance in buying or selling, a suitable berth in the marina or assistance with mooring and appropriate advice for repairs, as well as for the winter storage. At The Boarnstream you get customized advice and value for your money.

Reason 2: Full service

‘Craftsmanship in Service’, that's The Boarnstream! With great pleasure, we stand at your full service every day. Like no other, we definitely understand the added value of a yacht. Since 1964, we have proved all our knowledge and experience time after time. Therefore, we are very well capable of planning ahead and helping you to make the right choices in this wonderful and very special discipline. As a full service company, we are happy to take all the work and worries around your yacht out of your hands. We can support you with a full service package: guidance in the purchase and / or sale of your boat, maintenance, repair, refit, marina, winter storage, service station, but also assistance with mooring and, if required in operating your boat. At The Boarnstream every customer is unique and deserves full service.

Reason 3: Cherish your property without worry

The Boarnstream’s priority is to make sure customers can sail without any worry. With the experience of owners, designing boats and maintaining them, we make it possible for you to spend as little time as possible doing tasks on your boat so that you can really enjoy your free time! Regularly maintain and keep up; simple, straightforward and on schedule. If you buy a used boat, you do not know what to expect normally, that is why we select the occasions that we take in mediation.
Also, look at our marina: welcoming, spacious stalls, safe, blue flag and integer. The peace of mind of having a yacht is great! And for the owner worth every penny. You can purchase or leave behind your valuable property at The Boarnstream without any concern. The Boarnstream Crew is 100% involved in the wellbeing of its customers.

Reason 4: Knowledge

A boat should last for many years without problems. Also under extreme conditions, as wind, salt water and waves are more the rule than the exception. We have the expertise in-house to serve you well. A school for 'how to build a boat', 'how do I maintain my boat’, ‘how do I use my boat optimally’ or ‘where are the most beautiful sailing routes’ simply does not exist. Our team has gained their knowledge during practice! Therefore, we design most of the solutions ourselves. For the realization of your project, large or small, you can entrust The Boarnstream with much confidence. Not different people for each solution, but experienced all-rounders who combine working and thinking. Whether it comes to electricity, gas, sailing routes, cleaning or tricks when sailing and / or mooring: our people use their knowledge to assist you professionally on the spot. This saves you money and offers a high quality of specialists, which makes recreation so enjoyable!


Reason 5: Safety first

If you are on board, of course you want to be on a boat and / or in a marina that is equipped according to the latest and most advanced security techniques. The Boarnstream has a shipyard and marina with a proven track record of safety and dignity. On the water there is no place for compromises and when it comes to you, your family and friends, then you definitely do not want to make any concessions on safety. You want to have confidence and that is what you get as a customer of The Boarnstream.

Reason 6: Unrivalled performance

The continuous process of innovation, (design) development and expansion is an important part of the company The Boarnstream. This means that our boats, marina, sales, brokerage, winter storage, water halls and refit hall are constantly kept at the proper level. To perform better and exhibit more important characteristics than ever before is always our principle. That is the reason why The Boarnstream belongs to one of the best performing and most acclaimed shipyards in the Netherlands and even in Europe (Source: German magazine Boote)!

Reason 7: Lower running costs

The purchase of a (new or used) Boarncruiser is costly and lies in a higher price range than most other brands. You will not often hear the stories about large sums of money that buyers of (used) boats spend on upgrading and refitting their boat until it meets their needs. And then also add the running costs: older engines and dated hull designs. Since the beginning, The Boarnstream has focused on innovation to keep the running costs low. The Boarnstream also makes sure the costs for lying in the marina and / or winter storage is kept as low as possible for its customers. We take care of your wallet as if it is our own!

Reason 8: High value

A ship that has been in the hands of The Boarnstream crew, is known for her high value being kept during resale. The Boarnstream brand is a household name in the marine industry. If you are a customer of The Boarnstream, then you connect your ship to a very strong brand. A brand that stands for custom, quality, warranty and sincerity!

Reason 9: Heritage & commitment

The Boarnstream is a name in the marine industry that can be referred to when it comes to advanced and sustainable technical solutions for ships. Our reputation stems from 50 years of knowledge, experience and the desire to always offer our customers the best, custom developed solutions. No customer is identical. Use, personal preferences and requirements: The Boarnstream combines them so that the solution to your request fits like a tailored suit. Since its launch in 1964, The Boarnstream is owned by the Hokwerda family, an inheritance from generation to generation, where everyone works with pride and pleasure and the customers are treated with integrity. This is the reason why so many customers of the Boarnstream have been faithful to the company for so many years.