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Below some information which yachts we will receive the coming weeks:



Nautic + Technic AG ist Boarnstream Partner !

Nautic + Technic AG ist Boarnstream Partner für die Juraseen in die Schweiz

Seit Anfang dieses Jahres ist Nautic + Technic AG offizieller Boarnstream Partner für die Juraseen in der Schweiz. Neben Qualität, Flexibilität und Service, liefert ein Boarnstream-Partner auch die Solidität, für die Boarnstream steht. Mit Nautic + Technic AG hat De Boarnstream den passenden Partner gefunden.

Auch für neu zu bauende Boarncruiser Stahlverdränger-Yachten können Kundinnen und Kunden aus der Schweiz zur Nautic + Technic AG nach Vallamand. Fredy Joder: „Kunden, die sich für eine Boarncruiser Yacht interessieren, werden ab sofort direkt von der Werft in Jirnsum, NL bedient. Nautic + Technic AG kümmert sich um den Transport, die Zulassung beim zuständigen Schifffahrtsamt, Garantiearbeiten, das Einwassern und alle Belange im Zusammenhang mit dem Bootsplatz“.

Boarncruiser sind semi custom built Yachten. Ob es sich um ein komplett neues (eigenes) Design handelt oder um ein modifiziertes Layout, basierend auf einem bestehenden Modell der Boarncruiser-Reihe; alles ist möglich. Für Kunde bedeutet dies maximale Freiheit bei der Zusammenstellung Ihrer Traumyacht. Die gesamte Modellpalette kann in der Werft begutachtet werden.

Nach Absprache ist ein VIP Try-out über mehrere Tage möglich, dabei kann das Boot nicht nur gefahren, sondern auch bewohnt werden. Die Entscheidungsfindung ist damit wesentlich fundierter als nach einer reinen Probefahrt, selbst wenn diese mehrere Stunden dauert. Die Kosten für den VIP Try-out werden beim Kauf eines Neubootes angerechnet.

Wies Hokwerda: “Fredy und Christian haben die gleiche Philosophie wie De Boarnstream und sind dadurch der perfekte Partner für eine erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit. Ich bin sehr froh, dass der offizielle Startschuss am 1. Februar 2020 erfolgt ist”.


Transport - interBUS

New Model: Marex 330 Scandinavia!


The new Marex 330 Scandinavia was designed as a smaller version of the Marex flagship – Marex 375 and as the next edition of the former Marex Scandinavia. It is a fully planing boat. The hull and deck are completely new. Our previous customers wished for a closed boat with a generous sitting area inside as well as a large sitting area outside and that is what we developed! This feature makes the boat suitable for many friends and easy day cruising. A sliding pilot door at the helm has also been requested and built in for easy deck access, thus making mooring and handling much easier. To meet different markets and various needs, the boat can be delivered with either a single or a double engine, both shafts or sterndrives. The cruising speed is from 23 to 30 knots and top speed from 28 to 38 depending on the engine power chosen.

When properly enclosed the 330 Scandinavia is warm and makes the summer season last longer in the northern regions and at the same time can easily be cooled with a large air conditioner in warmer climates. The boat has a soft roof in the aft and a front hardtop. The canopy solution is the absolute quickest on the market – it is a sliding roof system with the side curtains stored in the targa arch. Just a minute from a completely closed to a fully open boat.

A double dashboard can fulfil all todays needs for all sorts of instrumentation. It also has integration for iPad and similar devices. Our efficient solar panels can optionally be mounted on the roof with up to 900 watts of charging power – enough to keep the boat without shore connection over a long period of time even with the fridge and freezer permanently on.  The roof comes with an optional mounting rack for the adventurous. A place for bicycles as well as paddle boards or kayaks. Front deck’s sun bed can be thrown to the water as a floating, for kids and parents to play on as their own private beach.

The co-pilot seat can flip over, so that the passengers can enjoy sitting in the driving direction and enjoying the trip in the saloon area. Cooking facilities are really spacious, even for the most passionate gourmets. In addition, the aft part of the boat can be equipped with a large grill. The aft sitting group can be delivered with many options like an extra fridge, icemakers, extra sitting bench, storage or just open space. The need for storage is well taken care of all over the boat.

Below deck: by placing the shower in the center of the boat we were able to make a highly practical bathroom area. It is generous in space, standing height and it also gives way for a huge front master bed in the front cabin. The mid cabin is spacious as well and has enough room for two individuals to sleep and live in comfortably. As several marinas and lakes have restrictions on size – the 330 Scandinavia can be delivered with either a long or a short bathing platform.

It is a pure benchmark of Scandinavian family boats, made with family values in mind. Perfect for cruising with two or four people and an option for occasional guests to sleep in!




  • Hull type: Planing
  • Hull Length: 9,99 M Short Version / 10,49 M Long Version
  • Hull Beam: 3,4 M
  • Depth: 1,1 M (single); 0,9 M (twin)
  • Displacement: 5500 KG (Light Craft)
  • Displacement: 7430 KG (Max.)
  • Crew: 8
  • Berths: 4 + 2
  • Fuel tank: 650 L
  • Water tank: 300 L
  • Water heater: 50 L
  • Blackwater tank: 200 L
  • Greywater tank: 160 L (Optional)
  • Batteries: 4x Service, 1x per engine
  • CE Category: B
  • Design: Marex & Nikl design

New model: Boarncruiser Elegance 44 AC

Who doesn’t like a sunny day on the water. But when the sun is gone you want the comfort you are used to at home. This is why we designed the Elegance AC!

The yacht’s interior has been designed to be bright and welcoming with a functionality and balanced layout. For example, this 44ft yacht has no less than 6 (!) fixed sleeping places. It makes the Elegance AC the ideal motor yacht for a perfect stay on the water with family and friends.


Vacation period 2020!

Due to the vacation period is our salesoffice closed on Sunday and Monday for the coming 4 weeks. We are happy to help you from Tuesday till Saturday.

New Model: Boarncruiser Lounge

Outdoor Feeling, Comfort and Style. The three key features of our brand new Boarncruiser LOUNGE. The Boarncruiser LOUNGE will offer you all the comfort and class to enjoy sunny days and precious outdoor moments!




IJsselmeer Tour – Boarncruiser 46 Traveller


In the coming weeks (month July) the Traveller 46 will make an Experience tour over the IJsselmeer.
Are you interested in a trial cruise from one of the IJsselmeer harbours? Please contact us so we can make an appointment for you!

Tel: +31 (0)566 600828
WhatsApp met +31 6 83588022


Open on Whit Monday!

You are very welcome on Whit Monday to come and see our yachts!

Openinghours: 10:00 – 17:00


MagnusMaster TestDays at the Boarnstream

MagnusMaster testday at the Boarnstream, 4, 5 & 6 June 2020 ! 

Boarncruiser Traveller is in the water for viewing / sea trials!

In one word AMAZING !!! The Traveller has become even better than we had in mind! She sails excellent, the layout is phenomenal and you have a lot of room to move on board.

The first reactions are:

“WOW, what lines, the proportions are correct!”

“A Flybridge as a Flybridge should be; spacious and clear”

“Everything you want as a boat owner comes together in this boat”

“Feels wider on the inside than expected”

“During the design process I didn’t really have a feeling about the Split level, now that I see this. Fantastic, both a lounge sofa, a normal sitting area and then also such a large kitchen!”

Split Level Salon
Both a lounge sofa and a dining table on the lounge deck level!
Traveller Fly-deck
A wide view and many seating and lying options.
Large Pantry
As an eye catcher, the Boarncruiser 46 Traveller  has a spacious pantry.

Traveller 46 DEMO is available!

Because the Experience Tour cannot take place the DEMO is available immediately.

> Click here for more information <<

Viewing or seatrial with the Boarncruiser 46 Traveller?

Feel free to make an appointment for a 1 to 1 viewing and/or trial! Call, WhatsApp or mail us: +31 566 600828
WhatsApp: +31 6 83 58 80 22