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MagnusMaster TestDays at the Boarnstream

MagnusMaster testday at the Boarnstream, 4, 5 & 6 June 2020 ! 

Boarncruiser Traveller is in the water for viewing / sea trials!

In one word AMAZING !!! The Traveller has become even better than we had in mind! She sails excellent, the layout is phenomenal and you have a lot of room to move on board.

The first reactions are:

“WOW, what lines, the proportions are correct!”

“A Flybridge as a Flybridge should be; spacious and clear”

“Everything you want as a boat owner comes together in this boat”

“Feels wider on the inside than expected”

“During the design process I didn’t really have a feeling about the Split level, now that I see this. Fantastic, both a lounge sofa, a normal sitting area and then also such a large kitchen!”

Split Level Salon
Both a lounge sofa and a dining table on the lounge deck level!
Traveller Fly-deck
A wide view and many seating and lying options.
Large Pantry
As an eye catcher, the Boarncruiser 46 Traveller  has a spacious pantry.

Traveller 46 DEMO is available!

Because the Experience Tour cannot take place the DEMO is available immediately.

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Viewing or seatrial with the Boarncruiser 46 Traveller?

Feel free to make an appointment for a 1 to 1 viewing and/or trial! Call, WhatsApp or mail us: +31 566 600828
WhatsApp: +31 6 83 58 80 22


Delivering some happiness!

Yesterday was the day. We were able to deliver a piece of happiness to the grateful owners of their Marex 310. Their Marex 310 was transported from Jirnsum to Breskens. Normally we join our clients on these happy moments. But, due to COVID-19 restrictions we couldn’t do it.. So, the first FaceTime delivery was born! And everything went well!

Enjoy & stay save! ?

Live viewing from home!

On request Boarnstream now also offers a live viewing via Whatsapp or FaceTime!

Together we’ll walk you through the yacht of your preference and you can ask any question you want.

We are happy to help you!


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Experience the Traveller

Experience the Traveller, from scratch till launch

While sailing, by talking to water sports enthusiasts, during the construction of the yachts; every day designing and building boats is in my head.  The design of a new yacht is a process that is gradually growing. The moment I have a concrete idea I work this out with my team. Think of many brainstorming sessions in which not only the layout and navigating characteristics are discussed, but also the technology and the ease of use of the boat are a big topic. In this phase we also look at the design and material choices. Slowly the new design is born.

In the coming weeks, we will take you on a journey from the design of the Traveller to the realization of the 1st construction number.

If you would like to be personally informed about the Traveller Experience Tour, please fill in our contact form below.

On behalf of the entire Boarnstream crew I would like to welcome you personally, or via a live viewing via Whatsapp or FaceTime, on board.

Wies Hokwerda


When the design of a new yacht is born, the next step is to actually build the yacht!

A Boarncruiser has 7 construction phases:

Phase 1: Design, engineering and technical specification
Phase 2: Casco construction
Phase 3: Pre-assembly
Phase 4: Painting
Phase 5: Carpentry
Phase 6: Finish assembly
Phase 7: Testing

In each phase a part of the yacht is made by specialists, real craftsmen who each make a unique part of the yacht by hand. Each construction number is built with full dedication and is a work of art in itself. The building period (per phase) depends on the size and volume of the yacht.

Phase 2. Casco construction

With Traveller 46, this phase takes about 3 months. The hull is built according to the strict European standards ISO 8666 & ISO 12215/4. Boarnstream chooses for heavy skin plating and cut frame work, the chosen material is Grade A, S 235 steel, after all weight is volume and volume is comfort!

To make the beautiful lines plan of the Traveller in steel is not easy. The casco is very laborious and has a lot of beautiful form work; many hours and precision are necessary here.
The hull and superstructure are built separately from each other and at some point welded on top of each other.

The hull is built from blasted material. As soon as the casco is ready, the entire yacht enters the blasting cabin and, before applying the first protective coating, the casco is blasted again in accordance with the SA 2.5 standard. The casco is provided with the first protective epoxy coating on the inside and outside, after which all frame work up to the waterline is sealed with Sikaflex 291, this to prevent moisture embedding between the skin and skin frame work. Afterwards (indoors) coated with an epoxy silk gloss of Alexseal.


Phase 3. Pre-assembly

After the extensive conservation, the so-called pre-assembly starts. In this phase we work according to strict and clear (CE) assembly instructions. For both the customer and the after sales it is extremely important that the technical installation is accessible. In this phase, the tanks are also placed. The drinking water and toilet waste holding tanks (including inspection openings / manholes) are made of HDPE plastic with a fitted piping, a guarantee for taste / odourless and durability. The electrical wiring (12/24/230 Volt) and coaxial cables for navigation/TV/radio reception etc. are installed in wiring tubes. Battery banks are installed, hydraulic lines for the steering system are vibration-free. Installation of the bow and stern thruster including disroaring is carried out. Heating and air conditioning systems are prepared so that they can be integrated into the interior, as well as the connections for the plumbing and kitchen appliances so that they can be easily assembled during final assembly. In this phase, the complete engine is also mounted on the foundations, where the propeller shaft system, including homokinetic coupling for a vibration-free system, is mounted. Incidentally, the foundation for the engine is first filled with special sand and installed. Eventually all wiring comes together in the technical room where, among other things, the fuse boxes are installed. All in all, in this phase the beating heart of the yacht is born!

Phase 4. Painting

The phase of painting takes longer than one thinks. For a Traveller 46 we have approx. 3 months of work for a high quality finishing level of the painting. Most of these hours are spent on applying filling primer and the correct drying time. The real visible work, the finishing coat, is only applied in the last weeks of this phase. For the painting of a Boarncruiser we work with the complete sustainable system of Alexseal. This is a high quality paint system at Megayacht level. There is a standard choice from an extensive range of colours, the two-component polyurethane paint has a nice deep gloss (also in Metallic) and when your favourite colour is not included Alexseal can customize the colour; “only for you colours”.


Phase 5: Carpentry

The furniture makers build the interior according to the 3D model and in accordance with the agreed specification (layout and choice materials). In essence, carpentry is already being started in phase 3. During the pre-assembly the floors are already placed in the yacht by the carpenters and a final check takes place before the final execution. This is the starting point for the pre-fabrication of the interior, which is then largely built outside the yacht. The pre-manufacturing runs synchronously with phase 4, complete furniture and beds, including the necessary equipment, hinges and locks will be made ready so that the sawing and carpentry in the yacht itself is limited. The furniture is made of high quality materials, provided with FCS certificates, a contribution to responsible forest management.

After the yacht (all above the waterline) is equipped with PUR-sprayed insulation, the furniture is placed. Especially in the front, double main bulkheads are installed for even more privacy. Our clients often opt for a stylish soothing interior concept, a combination of noble veneer with richly upholstered panels. It goes without saying that they can choose from an extensive range of materials and colours. During the construction phase a special “colour day” takes place in which the client, together with someone from Boarnstream, composes the colours of his own yacht.


Phase 6: Finish assembly

A lot will happen in this phase. Here, all the disciplines merge into the final result… We try to give you an insight into this (hectic looking) phase below.

In these last weeks of the construction of the yacht, we place, among other things, the highly polished, beautifully styled stainless steel railing on the stainless steel holders that have already been fitted during the hull construction (phase 2). With the beautiful railing we ensure that safety is guaranteed in accordance with CE standards. The railing has been designed and produced with an eye for styling and passion. This requires absolute craftsmanship which stands for quality, solidity and beauty.

In this finishing phase, the beautifully curved insulating glass is glued into the recesses, which are fitted into the hull. The 4-part aluminium entrance doors (provided with double glazing and possibly inside blinds) are fitted, as are the hull glazing, portholes and hatches.

If the customer has chosen for the Canopeasy option, the easy-to-store canopy is fitted in the portside and starboard pockets so that the cockpit can be closed comfortably and quickly.

The worktops of the pantry and wash basins are nicely glued and tightly sealed, this also applies to the floors of the wet rooms. This work guarantees cleanliness and comfort. The installation of the sanitary fittings is also carried out according to current system standards. Electrical systems are finally arranged and connected according to switching and lighting plan, including the total interior (LED) lighting with stylish sky luminaires, reading lamps and any ordered plinth lighting.

The steering position(s) will be fully equipped with the navigation package chosen by the client, including other control equipment such as bow/stern thruster, multifunctional displays, MagnusMaster controls, battery monitors etc. etc. Everything will be nicely and tightly installed as a whole.

In this phase, the complete upholstery is also brought on board and assembled. The upholstery includes the upholstered wall and sky panels, seat and back cushions, mattresses and possibly the slatted bases, decorative cushions or blinds chosen.

All in all a part of the construction phase that finally gives the yacht a real face!


In the entire construction process we set the bar high, whereby we clarify all the details in phase 7, the testing. The entire yacht is went through from A to Z and all components of the yacht are put into operation, after which they are tested long-term and in detail. In addition, each construction number gets the finishing touch that the customer can expect from us!

We don’t build yachts, we create them!

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Boarncruiser Traveller Experience On Tour

Boarncruiser Traveller Experience at the Shipyard

Boarnstream Expo Weekend

View our latest Elegance & Marex models during the Boarnstream Expo Weekend (06-07 March 2020).

Boarncruiser models present:

Marex models present:

  • Marex 310
  • Marex 320
  • Marex 373
  • Marex 375

Date: 6 & 7 march 2020
Opening hours: 10:00 – 16:00

Industriewei 2
9011 WH Jirnsum

HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show 2020

We will be prestent at the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show 2020!

Our Marex 375 will be on HISWA this year. But, ofcourse we are happy to help you with all your question regarding our Boarncruiser yachts!